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All 4 Cs, PBL, oracy, teamwork, samples from different schools, fish bowl model... simply made me even more enthusiastic about upgrade and improve teaching/learning process. I’m really happy I’ve got a positive confirmation of my perception of teaching and learning.

Carolina, the entire course was realized over my expectations. I’m highly motivated to go on with my ideas, hand in hand with new knowledge you passed it to us. I’m grateful to have a possibility to learn from you, because you are a person of actions and experiences. Thank you.

Vika Kuštrin Pocrnič


I have already had the chance to apply some of the acquired knowledge to my work and I’ve managed to offer students some great aha-moments. We did a team building exercise (we used the spaghetti-marshmallow challenge) with a group of students and the reflection process seemed to really get them to think about their roles and teamwork skills. Also, when I explained how this “silly” exercise helped them to develop their 4 Cs, quite a few students’ eyes lit up with the realization that this task was actually really useful.

Anneli Sigus


The course was adapted to our needs and there was room for discussion!! It was a really great feeling that the presenter asked in advance what our specific needs were.

Very good that we got the presentation for every day in advance. A lot off information and links in the slides. There is still a lot off exploring I can do!

An Buccauw


- a LOOOT of resources

- at least 4 ideas for a PBL

- 1 concrete PBL activity (with a lesson plan)

- new partners to discuss ideas and who can observe the progress of me introducing the PBL in my school

- motivation to work in a structured way, and change my school!

Bartosz Wilimborek


I follow a lot of courses (not all international) as a student counselor and as a teacher. It was such a valuable course. That’s a long time ago that I learned such an interesting methodology and had such a useful and concrete course.

I really like the fact that Carolina let us be part of the PBL course, by teaching her lessons as a PBL project. It gives a clear and concrete image how it works and you have the experience yourself.

The teamwork was such an interesting adaption for our regular work. It opens your eyes and give you the chance the look from a different point of view.

Dorien Biesmans


It was wonderful to have the opportunity to have an extended period of time to focus on the concepts and learn while participating in the PBL format. Also to see how teachers working with students in different circumstances and with different levels all responded, I think we could all see the benefits of structuring learning this way.

Louise Billett


Carolina created a great environment for us to bounce ideas off each other about how to practically implement PBL in our own classes.

Ian Hewitt


We had lots of time to discuss ideas as a group, we had modelling and saw the facilitator role and the language used and we had a chance to develop our own PBL project.

Cassandra Evans


I enjoyed communicating with others in my field, I don't know any other Indonesian teachers! I loved the ideas for PBL and the knowledge that I don't have to know it all straight away!

Megan Wood


I liked Carolina's approach of encouraging sharing of our ideas and learn of all things PBL.

Joanne Turner


This workshop opened my mind to ideas beyond the textbook.

Deon Ferris


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