What is this course  about?

Even if technical skills and academic knowledge get your foot in the door, soft skills are those, which afterwards open most of the doors in your career. If taught well, soft skills will stay with you forever, because they are transferable in many different job types and improve you personally as well!

During this course, you will be able to deepen into soft skills that are considered relevant for teachers of any kind: communication, public speaking, leadership, self-motivation and creativity, conflict resolution and stress management. It would be hard to list all the benefits of learning these skills, but just to mention some they: improve relationships with colleagues and within your classes; make you a better presenter; help you be better leaders for your students; improve your motivation and creativity; enable you to better work with others and increases your capacity to avoid and resolve conflicts; help you understand and fight stress.

learning goals

480 Euros 

  • Classes are Monday to Saturday, 6 days course. 30 hours

  • Maximum 12 participants

  • The language used is English, though with a minimum of 6 participants a session can be organised in Spanish or for any other specific need and location.

  • 1 cultural afternoon activity and one full day trip on Saturday included.

  • In collaboration with Europass Teacher Academy


In this course you will learn about how to improve your:

  • Communication: Improve verbal, non-verbal communication and active listening;

  • Public speaking:  Learn how to organise & write a presentation, together with methods to fight nerves during a presentation and tips on how to work with visual aids;

  • Leadership: Acknowledge the principles of leadership and how to be good leaders in the classroom;

  • Self-Motivation and creativity: Equip participants with tips and tricks to self-motivation and help them boost their creativity in the classroom;

  • Conflict Resolution: Learn how to prevent and if it occurs how to resolve conflicts both in classroom and in workplace environment;

  • Stress management: Acknowledge the causes, types of stress and methods of avoiding and dealing with it.  Learn relaxation methods and tips for creating a better work-life balance.

is it for you?

  • Teachers of Primary, Secondary, Vocational, Adult education, Higher Education, Special needs

  • School counsellors and/or psychologists

  • Headmasters

  • School Management

  • NGOs

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october 2020

19/10 - 24/10

november 2020

16/11 - 21/11







digital platform/follow up

Teacher participants will have access to a digital platform where they will be able to exchange ideas and materials before, during and after the course and the facilitator will be available for 3 months after the course to follow up on the participants’ progress.


Most of our courses are held in the beautiful historical town of Sevilla in the south of Spain, worldwide renown for flamenco music and dance, the setting of the opera Carmen and mind blowing tapas.

cultural activities

The course includes 1 cultural activity around Sevilla during the week to explore the interconnections with your own culture and take the opportunity to get to know your peers better. On Saturday we offer a full day trip out of Sevilla to discover the wonderful region and white villages.

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After finishing the course all participants will receive an attendance certificate from our collaborator Europass Teacher Academy if you are in the Erasmus + program, otherwise we will provide also a diploma from Connected Minds Teacher Academy, that will include the concrete topics covered, the start and finish date, number of hours.

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