Project Based Learning 201:

Advanced Project making

What is this course  about?

This course has been designed for educators who have already received basic training on PBL, advisably the course PBL 101 from Connected Minds Teacher Academy, and want to have a more comprehensive idea on the main areas of PBL teaching practices to achieve a high quality result. For the participants wanting to do both courses in a row, it is possible in consecutive weeks since they are mostly scheduled one week after the PBL 101 course.

Participants will be involved in an experienced-based training and will develop relevant projects for their own contexts in teams. Therefore, coaching and time for interaction will be an integral part of the course. It is encouraged to come in teams from the same department at your school so as to work in a new or ongoing project that you need to develop and can use later on, also to build up the culture of collaboration among peers. Nevertheless, teachers coming alone will be also grouped with others with similar interests and have gains from the interaction with teachers with varied points of view and educational contexts.

The course will explore the six criteria from the High Quality Project Based Learning framework from the Buck Institute for Education (BIE): Intellectual Challenge and Accomplishment, Authenticity, Public Product, Collaboration, Project Management, and Reflection. These six areas are considered the cornerstones of a successful and productive project in education. Getting a deeper grasp of them and exchanging ideas among peers on best practices can help participants acquire skills that will boost the quality of their PBL instruction and their students’ work.

Participants will be also exposed to learning materials and discussion on some of the most reported challenges for teachers when implementing PBL, such as how to align to standards, build the culture and assessment.

By the end of this course, participants will have gained greater insight into PBL instruction and design and how to make their skills as PBL practitioners evolve.  They will become more confident in their own PBL facilitation skills, they will learn how to design projects that lead to deeper learning and critical thinking, they will also learn how to better facilitate collaboration among students and help them be more efficient at project management. Participants will create or tune a PBL unit that will include the main high quality features that they will be able to use for their classes.


480 Euros 

  • Classes are Monday to Saturday, 6 days course. 30 hours.

  • Maximum 12 participants

  • The Language used is English, though with a minimum of 6 participants a session can be organised in Spanish or for any other specific need and location.

  • 1 cultural afternoon activity and one full day trip on Saturday included.

  • In collaboration with Europass Teacher Academy


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learning goals

  • Understand the concept of High Quality PBL (HQPBL)

  • Explore teaching practices, tools and techniques to improve the six areas of the HQPBL: Intellectual Challenge and Accomplishment, Authenticity, Public Product, Collaboration, Project Management, and Reflection.

  • Acquire soft skills to effectively facilitate PBL.

  • Discuss how to improve PBL instruction school wide.

  • Learn how to improve teamwork among students and peer teachers by doing it yourself

  • Learn where to find high quality resources such as model PBL units

  • Exchange valuable teaching best practices with other participants.

is it for you?

You need to have done PBL 101 with us or have some evidence of PBL training and to be working on a project you want to improve.

  • Teachers of Primary, Secondary, Vocational, Adult education, Higher Education, Special needs

  • School counsellors and/or psychologists

  • Headmasters

  • School Management

  • NGOs

digital platform/follow up

Teacher participants will have access to a digital platform where they will be able to exchange ideas and materials before, during and after the course and the facilitator will be available for 3 months after the course to follow up on the participants’ progress.


Most of our courses are held in the beautiful historical town of Sevilla in the south of Spain, worldwide renown for flamenco music and dance, the setting of the opera Carmen and mind blowing tapas. 

cultural activities

The course includes 1 cultural activity around Sevilla during the week to explore the interconnections with your own culture and take the opportunity to get to know your peers better. On Saturday we offer a full day trip out of Sevilla to discover the wonderful region and white villages.


After finishing the course all participants will receive an attendance certificate from our collaborator Europass Teacher Academy, that will include the concrete topics covered, the start and finish date, number of hours.

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