Project Based Learning 101:

First Steps to Success


This course has been created for educators who are new to Project Based Learning (PBL)  and want to understand it better and learn how they can integrate this methodology into their lessons and school curriculum.


Aprendizaje basado en proyectos: primeros pasos

Este curso ha sido creado para educadores que son nuevos en el aprendizaje basado en proyectos (ABP) y quieren entenderlo mejor y aprender cómo pueden integrar esta metodología en sus clases.

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Project Based Learning 201:

Advanced Project making

This training is addressed at teachers who have already received basic training on PBL and want to have a more comprehensive idea on the main areas of PBL teaching practices to achieve a high quality result.


This course has been designed for teachers of second or foreign languages who want to learn more about Project Based Learning (PBL) applied to the learning and teaching of second and foreign languages, that is Project-Based Language Learning.


During this course, you will be able to deepen into soft skills that are considered relevant for teachers of any kind: communication, public speaking, leadership, self-motivation and creativity, conflict resolution and stress management. 

flipped classroom

In this course, participants will understand the idea behind flipped classrooms and how it can be integrated into their own classroom curriculum.  

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